We’ve been running communities for more than a decade. Our all-time membership renewal rate is over 80%.

We started our first community in 2007, when social media leaders at the world’s biggest brands approached us saying they were getting bombarded by vendors and just needed a private, confidential way to share amongst themselves.

That conversation over BBQ and beers would ultimately become SocialMedia.org — the community for social media leaders at the world’s greatest brands. And SocialMedia.org would ultimately become our model for running peer-to-peer communities for people leading change inside large, complex organizations.

We’re self funded and profitable.

We don’t have investors to answer to, and we’ve been profitable since the beginning. We’re not working towards an IPO — instead, we’re building something meaningful, stable, and rewarding.

We’ve been doing this for a long time, and we’ve gotten really good at it.

Many of the members you see have been with us since the beginning (and new ones are joining them all the time).

And every day, we’re thinking about how we can get just a little bit better at building communities.

We don’t know exactly where we’ll be in another 10 years, but we know we’ll be running communities for people working on the hottest, most meaningful issues facing large organizations.

We’re not a social media company.

Our first community just happens to be focused on the topic of social media, but we don’t do social media here. This is the wrong place if you:

  • Want to build your personal social media profile.
  • Want to be known as a social media expert or you want a career as a social media guru.
  • Want to do social media projects and be on social media all day.

Applying here to learn social media is like applying to Perdue Farms because you want to learn to be a chicken.

We don’t consult members on social media. We help them help each other.

We’re not social media consultants or an agency. We don’t do social media training or campaigns. If you’re looking for a place to apply your social media genius, this isn’t it.

Our members help each other through candid, off-the-record conversations — and we help make those conversations possible.

This means we’re not looking for social media experts or marketers. We’re looking for people who can fill specific roles to run our communities. For example, we don’t really care if our event planners are experts in social media, we care if they know how to plan great events.

You won’t get to be a social media star here.

Our job is to support our members’ social media programs and let them be the stars. We never take the attention away from them.

That means you will have limits on your personal social media presence. You can’t blog/tweet/whatever about our members or their businesses. Since our members are pretty much all the big companies that you’d want to blog about, you’re pretty limited on what you can do. Think of it this way: Our members are a band on tour. They’d be rightfully upset if they found out that their roadies were writing a tell-all.

An important part of our service is guaranteeing a confidential discussion environment, which means we never talk about what we learn at work.

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