Join a great sales team with a fantastic product and tons of upside.

Talk with us if you love the challenge and intensity of sales, but want more meaning and a healthy, positive corporate culture. We have a mission-driven product, a respectful work environment, and a sales process that deeply values relationships. (Plus great compensation, benefits, and workspace.)

Be part of a sales team that closes deals with the world’s greatest brands. Represent a fascinating product that buyers need and appreciate — and they’re happy to talk to you.

It’s a great time to join our sales team. We’re expanding the product line into new markets, giving you fresh prospects and tons of upside. The fun of a hot new company, but with the stability of a profitable 12-year-old company with 80% customer renewal rates.

We build communities for people leading meaningful change at really big companies. We surround them with friends and support so they can achieve their mission — and this helps them improve the lives of their millions of customers and employees. We have some of the most successful communities for social media, healthcare, and recruitment, and we’re launching new communities for equality, innovation, and corporate social responsibility. Take a look at and to see what we do.

We have a relationship-based sales program.

We never use high-pressure sales tactics or annoying bulk/automated lead gen. We believe that the long-term relationship is more important than the short-term sale, and we’re all working for the good of the organization. Making a sale is never more important than making a friend.

We work as a positive, collaborative team to make our numbers and constantly improve performance. Our lead generation and content teams are stellar — demand is strong and we’re well-known to buyers long before you call.

We encourage our sales team not to sell memberships as often as we encourage them to sell. They protect our community by only bringing in the right members — if someone’s not a fit, we don’t let them join, and we don’t take their money. As a company, we rally around that idea of quality over quantity.

The best part is the opportunity to build meaningful relationships and friendships with the people you meet.

You’ll love this team.

You should apply if you love the challenge and intensity of sales, but want a more meaningful product and a more respectful work environment.

This is an inside sales role, on the phone, with limited travel. Much of the conversation is via email and social media, so excellent written selling skills are a must. You need to love to read and study — to build true relationships, you have to have a genuine interest in what our members do.

We’re looking for people who like selling (but aren’t salesy) — who want to do it in a positive environment for a worthy cause. You’re a talker, a listener, a networker, and love sharing the passion for what you do. You have empathy and understanding for the needs of others and can show them how what we do will help them.

What we’re looking for:

  1. Sales or fundraising experience, even in an unrelated field. We want you to know how to work the phones for something you believe in. You love the sales process, the attention to detail, and the tools that help you build great relationships.
  2. Know how big companies work and how their executives think.
  3. Professional presence and fantastic communications skills. You quickly impress on a professional level and connect on a personal level — by phone, email, and social media. You have extraordinary written and verbal communications skills. You have a genuine interest in listening, learning, and understanding the needs of others.
  4. Passion. You’re an evangelist and storyteller — you get people excited about things you believe in. You’re focused on the success of other people, and you win by helping others win — your team, your customers, and your cause.

If you’re just starting out in your sales career:

When you’re on this team, you’ll build your sales skills and gain unmatched experience closing deals with the world’s greatest brands. This is a great place to take your sales career to the next level.

Our program sets you up for success with great training, a talented lead generation team, and proven messaging. We’ll teach you how we’ve changed the sales game for the better and set you up with skills that will take your career to the next level.

  • You’ll learn to close high-impact deals with major corporations.
  • You’ll learn to do it in a healthy, positive way — with no aggressive tactics or marketing cheese.
  • You’ll have a proven track record showing how you closed deals with dozens of Fortune 1000 brands.

The best part is the opportunity to build meaningful relationships and friendships with the people you meet.

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