There are three great jobs on our Membership Team. Read this page to learn about each role and the skills required. You can apply for a specific job, or you can apply to the “Membership Team” position and we’ll help you find the job that’s perfect for you.

Join this team to make an impact.

Don’t just read about companies making meaningful change. Help them do it.

When you work with us, you see the impact of your work every day. The massive scale of our member companies means that a little bit of better creates a whole lot of good for millions of people.

The people we look for:

  • Passionate people who want to spend their day working on something they love
  • Believe in our mission and see how big companies are instrumental in social change
  • Want a career (not just a job) and see yourself on our team for many years

Three great jobs for different personalities.

Job Membership Director Membership Manager Community Manager
What you’ll do Lead member  conversations Member relationships Member service
Focus Conversations Relationships Service and process
What it means Moderate discussions, find new topics, and build member connections Talk to members, learn their needs to encourage participation and engagement Provide high-touch member service; use data and processes to create an extraordinary experience
You’ll like this if you like… Leading a group, subject matter expertise, and building relationships Building relationships — especially on the phone Thrilling people with great service supported by process-driven systems
Specific skills Facilitation, leadership, topic expertise Communication skills, relationship building Customer care, attention to detail, database
How you work 25% leading, 50% phone 75% phone 25% email and phone, 25% service, 50% behind the scenes

What we’re looking for:

If you have the skills and passion, we have a place for you.

We’re looking for great communicators who love mission-driven businesses, connecting with people, and helping them solve problems. Bonus points if you’ve got experience working in membership organizations, corporate trade associations, mission-driven non-profits, or politics.

(Note: Even though we run, we’re not social media marketers, consultants, or an agency. We don’t do social media campaigns or strategy. If you want to do social media, this isn’t the right job for you.)

Each job requires its own specific skills, but everyone needs these basics to succeed here:

  • Know the topic: Subject matter expertise about the community’s topic
  • Know the people: Understand, relate to, and talk to big brand executives
  • Networking: Meet new people and get to know them
  • Build relationships: Make friends and build long-term connections
  • Communicate: Be a great phone, email, and social media conversationalist
  • Write: Stellar writing in a business-casual voice
  • Execution: Love processes, details, and databases because they enable excellent service
  • Care: Believe in a cause and convincingly share your passions for it

We’re hiring extraordinary people for a hard mission. You need to care intensely about:

  • Doing great, hard work. Being accountable for results.
  • The details. All of them. Sweat the small stuff.
  • How you work. Sophisticated about managing your time, your work, and your tools. Sophisticated about how work gets done.
  • Extraordinary communication skills, written and verbal.
  • Serving others.
  • Relentless dedication to learning and self improvement.
  • How big business people think and work.

If you’re new to community management…

…here are some examples of work experience that might make you a good fit for the team.

Experience with membership management: Trade associations, peer-to-peer communities (especially for business people), volunteer management, and political movements.

Experience with issues and ideas: Journalism, policy, law, business-related academics, and business analysts and researchers.

Experience leading discussions: Facilitation, moderation, and other peer-to-peer collaboration.

Want to explore the community management field?

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