Come here if you want to create events that change people’s lives.

We like to say that we’re not an event company, we’re just really really good at events. It’s hard to describe all of the reasons people absolutely, positively love our events. Here’s what attendees have to say about them:

“Some say last year’s Brands-Only Summit was the best social media conference they’ve ever attended. I’ll do one better. I think it might have been the most valuable conference I’ve ever attended, period.”

“Member Meetings always — for lack of a better way of putting it — renew my spirit professionally. I always walk away feeling it’s the most valuable conference or seminar I attend in any given year.”

“I postponed my honeymoon so I could attend the Brands-Only Summit. That’s how addicted I am to!”

“One of my favorite parts of my day job is the chance to attend events. They allow people working in social media roles for big brands to come together and learn from each other. It’s essentially therapy. Much-needed therapy.”

Our events aren’t about making money — they’re about earning loyalty and love.

That means we get to do fun, unusual, creative stuff. Our events have personality. They’re also a core of our member experience, so we settle for nothing less than “this is the best event I’ve been to all year.” The details matter to an absurd degree, and we plan down to the second because it means something to our members. Our goal isn’t to drive revenue — it’s to provide a uniquely valuable, memorable experience.

What that means for you:

  • We have a proven process for putting on mind-blowing events. We’ve got this down to a science, and we’re constantly improving it. We make it better and do it again.
  • You’ll put on events that change people’s lives. Our members have tough, lonely, and important jobs, and they need a safe place to make friends and hash out their issues. Our members come to life at our events because they’re surrounded by their people, and they can focus on themselves and their careers.
  • Your ONLY job is events. Our Events Team doesn’t handle marketing or outreach to fill seats, and they’re not responsible for web or print design. You’re owning and rocking all event logistics and production while working with other teams for those pieces outside of your scope.
  • You’ll get the support of an entire company to pull off quality events. We have quarterly events, which gives you time to sweat all the details and make each event perfect. And when it’s go time, the entire company supports you from the office and on the road — no temp event staff necessary.

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