A new home for GasPedal

December 17, 2014 by Cale Johnson

The last few days have been pretty exciting here at GasPedal. We just closed on two properties in northeast Austin — a total of 44 acres of beautiful, undeveloped land where we plan to establish a company campus.

The land includes an existing 20,000 sf warehouse that we’ll renovate into our new corporate headquarters.

GasPedal Plans 1

It’s the first step in our journey to build a permanent Austin home. We’re going to create an amazing place to work with acres of outdoor space, lots of recreational facilities, deep integration of office space with the natural environment, and plenty of casual places to work and collaborate.

GasPedal Plans 2

We’ll also use this project to support all sorts of local organizations who need space for activities and community events — much like how our friends at GSD&M, who provided us office space when we first moved to Austin, use their facility to support local entrepreneurs, artists, charities, and the community as a whole.

This is a first step, and we’ll be sharing lots of updates as we go — but until then, check out a few photos of the new digs:

GasPedal Property 1


GasPedal Property 2

GasPedal Property 3

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  1. James Young

    Congrats! Great company that makes a difference!

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