Our 20,000 square-foot office is designed for collaboration, privacy, and making yourself at home.

We have six conference rooms, a 2,500 square-foot central plaza, and lots of outdoor workspace. We wanted an office where we could share common workspaces and have a communal experience — but also have the option to retreat to our private offices and quiet rooms. It’s a reflection of the people who work here: intense collaborators who also value uninterrupted focus time.

It all feels so far away from the city. But actually, we’re located inside the city limits of Austin, at the intersection of four major freeways, just 12 minutes from downtown.

We love healthy food and fitness.

We have a large kitchen with tons of food, a fully stocked pantry, and a dedicated coffee bar. And if you want to break a sweat, we have a gym, a basketball court, a pickleball court, and showers.

The Ranch is also a resource for our community.

Within our office we have almost 6,500 square feet of conference space for our own use, but also for use by the community at little or no cost. We lend our communal space to local organizations, meetups, nonprofits, or anyone who needs a place to do something worthwhile.

Did we mention it’s on 44 acres?

That’s 44 acres of open fields, forests, wildflowers, and trails. Walnut Creek runs right through the middle.

Why all this space for one office? So you can have a meeting in the woods, go for a walk on a sunny day, or write by the creek. It’s also a great place to take the kids to go climb a tree, find some bugs, go bird watching, and get dirty.

We also partner with Keep Austin Beautiful for the preservation of wildlife and Walnut Creek. We provide feed and water for some native species and remove invasive species.

And on the other side of that 44 acres is a three-bedroom guest house.

We use it as a nice place for offsite meetings, staff parties, and a quiet, isolated place to work. It also serves as a sort of B&B for our staff, friends, and families. You can fire up the grill and play some horseshoes, take in the view from comfortable lawn chairs, and take a walk in the woods.

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