We enjoy a great work lifestyle at GasPedal. It’s pretty simple: We work our ass off during the day, then go home on time. It’s the biggest perk of the job, and it’s something we work and fight for.

No matter how fulfilling work is during the day, we all have families, hobbies, and lives outside of work: volunteering, DJ gigs, bowling leagues, going to shows, tending chicken coops, building stuff, and leading Scout troops.

It’s possible to have a fulfilling work life, know your job makes an impact, and work with people you like — but also put that away and have a good life outside of the office.

Life shouldn’t be work.

We take pride in having an intense workday where our evening and weekends are still our own. After an intense day in the office, we’re still able to drop off and pick up our kids, go home to personal projects, and do the stuff we love.

That doesn’t mean we’ll always work a 40-hour work week, but it’s not about clock watching. Instead, we earn the right to go home on time by doing amazing work at a furious pace. The energy here feels like a startup — but unlike a startup, if we’ve left it all on the field, there’s no point in working late into the night.

We don’t ask people to be away from home any more than necessary.

We limit travel in every way possible — other than our own events and staff retreats, it’s hard to get us on an airplane. And we rarely do happy hours.

We love each other, but it’s pretty unusual if there’s an after-hours meetup or dinner. Instead, we’ll often end the workday early. Staff parties are more likely lunch than evenings.

We’re so not cool.

You won’t find a foosball table or a kegerator here. And we’re pretty sure that six pack in the fridge has been there for eight months.

This is not the place to go if you’re looking for a happy-hour, dude-bro, party culture.

But we’re cool in our own way.

We do dorky stuff in the office like high-five Fridays, star charts, and celebrating new members with memes. We have cake more often than kegs. We like our company windbreakers and inside jokes. We have a warehouse full of weird swag. There’s a box of toys and crayons if kids visit. We have our own T-shirt press and Cricut, because we tend to be crafty.

We celebrate a lot of weddings and new babies. A lot of us have elementary school kids.

And it’s Austin, so there are beards, tattoos, musicians, homebrewers, rollergirls, and women’s rugby champs. But instead of a kegerator, you’ll find a surprising number of high-fiber snacks.

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