We know the “Community Manager” title can mean different things to different organizations (and we know “Moderator” might be a different title than you’ve seen before).

In a lot of companies, people who work on the community team (if there even is a team) tend to be the more junior members of the organization who push content and respond to posts on Twitter and Facebook all day. Sometimes they’re new college grads.

But here, they’re senior roles on our biggest team, delivering our core product directly to our customers.

You’ll actually manage a community.

The whole “manager” part of “Community Manager” doesn’t always mean a lot. But here, it’s real. You’ll lead a community, and you’ll be responsible for creating an amazing membership experience.

It’s equivalent to being a manager or a director.

We’re not kidding when we say this is a senior role, and depending on your experience, it can be equivalent to being a manager or director in most other businesses. Our “Executive Director” role is equivalent to being a VP.

Ignore the weird salary estimators out there.

LinkedIn, for example, makes up a random number.

LinkedIn Salary Estimator


We don’t know what algorithm they use, but it has nothing to do with our salaries. Again, it’s a senior role, and you’ll be compensated based on your skill and experience.

Trust us. This is a real, grown-up job.

If you’re coming from an experienced position in another company, you should take a serious look at our team and these roles. You might find it to be what a lot of our Community Managers and Moderators have found: an incredibly interesting, challenging, and fun job for communications professionals.

Next: If you’re experienced at running communities, you’ll love it here.