We’re a community company, and the two most common roles here are Community Manager and Moderator — and they’re incredibly important to the work we do.

We wake up and go to bed each day thinking about how to run great communities. Our entire business runs on this one question: “What can I do next to most improve the member experience or how we deliver it?” And the team who delivers our product — the Membership Team — is at the core of the company.

While some companies see community management as a profession for junior marketers, here it’s a senior role for talented experts on our largest team. Here, you’re not an appendage to the marketing department or customer service, you’re at the heart of what we do, and you’re surrounded by a company that’s supporting your work.

Community management is our expertise.

We’re passionate about the art and science of community management. Our processes, procedures, data, and systems that power our communities are at the heart of what we do — we absolutely geek out about this stuff. We’re constantly refining, documenting, and scaling to allow us to keep delivering a quality experience as we grow. We even hand-built our own community platform so we can fine-tune every aspect of the member experience.

We’re not shy about it: When it comes to peer-to-peer, BtoB communities, we’re as good as it gets.

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