We’re the company that manages SocialMedia.orgWordofMouth.org, and new brands coming soon.

We spend our days helping the good guys win.

We create peer-to-peer communities for the people doing meaningful work at really big companies. We surround them with friends and support so they can achieve their mission — and this helps them improve the lives of their customers and employees. We love to find these people, support them, help them thrive, and make them stars.

Currently we do this for the people running social media and word of mouth marketing. Soon we’ll be adding communities for new topics such as sustainability and wellness.

We believe businesses everywhere are discovering that honest, ethical customer love is the most powerful kind of marketing. They are teaching their organizations to do right by their customers, communities, and employees. They are learning to listen, to obsess over customer experience, to treat people like people, to value values, to be part of the community — to be nice. We help them do it.

We do it because these folks are changing their companies for the better. And because of the massive scale and resources of these companies, just a little bit of better means a whole lot of good for millions of people. This is how our small team can do a significant amount of good in the world.

Our tool is our communities.

Our communities are highly focused, brands-only peer-to-peer groups. They enable senior decision-makers with a common mission to share ideas and best practices.

These leaders already have vendors, consultants, and agencies on call. But we give them that one thing they’re missing: Candid and unfiltered advice from people just like them, with the same jobs as them, facing the same challenges as them.

Members get honest, unbiased answers from experienced peers in a completely confidential environment.

When a company joins a community, they are assigned to a council. Each community has up to five councils with 80 member companies each — for a total of 400 companies. We limit the size of each community to maximize the quality of conversations and personal relationships.

Members collaborate in completely off-the-record discussions. This confidentiality leads to sharing, conversations, and answers that members can’t get anywhere else.

Our staff doesn’t provide any answers — because the members’ ideas are the most fresh and relevant. We like to say that we “do nothing” here. It’s not the content we produce that makes our communities useful, it’s the empty space we give them to talk to each other that’s so valuable. Our job isn’t to fill that empty space, it’s to protect it.

What members really get is the ongoing support of a community of people who want to help them win.

Our members have tough jobs. We connect them with peers who understand them, know exactly what they’re going through, and can help them succeed.

We help members stop worrying about the unknowns and stop being surprised in meetings about news that broke while they were dealing with yesterday’s breaking news.

Members in our communities sleep better at night.

The big secret: People like you.

Bringing together “people like you” is the most important thing we do.

We carefully screen all participants to make sure they are at the same kind of companies, in similar roles, with similar problems. Just as important, we keep out any sort of vendors or consultants.

The result is a safe space where people can open up, share, and build deep personal bonds. They have a vast amount of common needs and common problems — which means they have plenty to talk about. This is how we provide a deep conversation experience without providing the content ourselves.

It’s a simple business model.

Companies pay $15,000 for an annual membership and up to seven of their senior-most representatives can participate. Because each community caps at 400 members, each community has a potential annual revenue of $6MM.

We’re self-funded, profitable, and we’ve seen steady growth since our founding in 2007.

Yep. That’s our entire business plan.

There are no secrets here.

The work we do isn’t complicated. We bring good people together, give them a safe space to talk, and they create wonderful value and community for each other.

What makes us different is a commitment to defending the community principles, staying focused, and delivering extraordinary service.

Which is actually really hard…

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