We’re obsessed with culture.

If you’re here, you probably just read 30 pages on our website about it. It’s obvious that we care — and we’re looking for people who care about it too. Our Talent Team is a big part of fostering and cultivating our company culture.

Great culture is hard.

There are only a handful of truly culture-driven companies. (There’s a lot of talk and a lot of values statements, but little actual culture.) Real culture is hard. It’s hard because it takes emotion, introspection, commitment, and endless hard work.

Culture is a choice. It’s an agreement by the team around a shared destination and a shared method for getting there. It’s an agreement around who gets permission to play on the team, what they need to believe, and how they behave. It’s really hard to find people who want a particular culture, will fit in that culture, and can thrive in that culture.

But it’s worth it. Because a company that has true culture sync is astonishingly effective, healthy, and fun. Work life has meaning and intensity. You know why you’re there and why it matters.

We have one of the most consciously built cultures in a small business, combined with a mission that impacts society on a deep level. We’re about to get much larger, and we’ll deliver meaning on a much larger scale.

Our goal is for everyone to know GasPedal as an employer of choice, side-by-side with culture legends like Southwest and Zappos. (But to get a better sense of where we’re going, read Small Giants.)

And we’re doing it right.

We’re creating an institution. There just aren’t a lot of opportunities for a true HR professional to help build a company culture and do it in a place that cares as much as we do.

There are plenty of places that will roll out policies, plenty of places that will talk the talk, but not a lot of places like us that have a team to help us do it right.

Who’s on the team:

  • VP People
  • Culture leader, HR expert, team builder and program builder whose mission is to make GasPedal an amazing place to work for mission-driven leaders and doers.

  • Recruiter
  • Culture evangelist, talent scout, and tough evaluator who enables us to fulfill our mission by building a team of doers and leaders who share our vision and values.

  • Learning and Development Director
  • Curriculum developer, trainer, and culture communicator whose mission is to create a learning program that allows us to grow our skills and master our craft.

Apply to join the Talent Team