***This position is not currently open. But we’re always looking for smart people to join our team. If this job description sounds like you, send us your application anyway.***

Our Community Managers create a thrilling, productive, nowhere-else-on-earth experience for our members. We hold ourselves to the highest possible standard: Did we earn the LOVE of each member? It’s a crazy, ridiculous goal. But we do it again and again.

The work you’ll do makes a meaningful difference in the lives of our members. They’re the heads of social media at the world’s greatest brands, and they have a tough, lonely, and important job. You’ll surround them with other social media leaders who understand them and the challenges they face. You’ll help us be their family and support — and by doing so, you’ll help them be great at their jobs. When these companies get better at social media, they become more open, transparent, honest, and kind — and that’s a win for everyone. (Take a look at who you’ll be working with every day: http://socialmedia.org/members)

Our members have deep, huggy relationships. We love taking care of them, supporting them, and making sure they know our community is a safe space where they can share with trusted friends. There is an emotional commitment to this job, and you’ll be building very close relationships with the members of your community. Only apply if you’re ready for a long-term commitment to a deep emotional and intellectual engagement.

You’ll be on an amazing team

Community Managers are the center of the action, our largest department, and have a strong voice in the way we work and how we run the business.

If you’ve worked solo or on a small team, you’re going to love being here. You’ll collaborate all day with people who do what you do. You’ll have backup so you can have a normal life and not have to worry about what’s happening in your community after hours.

It makes the life of a community manager fantastic. It’s like the difference between being the solo creative person at a manufacturing company and being at a top ad agency where everyone is part of the creative process.

Community is what we do here, and every department is focused on community first. We’re passionate about the art and science of community management. We start with best practices and then take it to the next level as we reinvent the profession. We’re constantly refining, documenting, and scaling systems that allow us to keep delivering a quality experience as we grow. Our expertise comes from diverse sources such as social media, church recruiting, grassroots politics, and word of mouth marketing.

What our Community Managers do:

The Community Manager is a people person with operations talent whose mission is to create and grow unmatched:

  • Member experience through excellent execution of community management process and attention to detail.
  • Member love earned through wow-level service and creating community pride.
  • Member health by analyzing community data to focus on the most meaningful work.

You create an amazing member experience through rigorous execution of our community management processes and incredible attention to detail. These processes, which we’re always improving as a team, enable us to deliver great quality at scale.

You earn member love with wow-level customer service and extraordinary care. You build strong community culture and pride by connecting members to each other and the group. You track every detail so we can constantly improve how we make members happy.

You’re the steward of member health by gathering and analyzing the metrics of our community. You use this data to develop strategies to improve our community, engage our members, and know where to invest our attention, time, and relationships.

You’re part of a collaborative full-team approach to managing our community. You provide the infrastructure for the community, working with Moderators who focus on member relationships, content, and conversations.

We are committed to being the best community management team in the world, with people who are dedicated to mastery of the craft. To get this job, you need to show us a genuine interest in that mission, the community’s topic, as well as a commitment to community management as a career.

In a nutshell, you’re a service-driven people person with badass skills on execution, data, process, and detail.

What we don’t do: We’re not social media consultants or an agency. We don’t do social media content or campaigns. If you want to DO social media content or marketing — this is not the right job.

Your responsibilities will include:

  1. Community management: You run a rigorous process around the fundamentals of member administration and lifecycle events, enabling you to deliver deep quality at scale. You shepherd the member through the critical moments of their relationship with us: the welcome and screening process, ongoing engagement and encouragement, and the renewal process.
  2. Member service: Wow our members with prompt, above-and-beyond customer service. Get to know members — their needs, interests, concerns, life events, and what makes them happy. Use our systems and tools to deliver amazing service at high speed and volume.
  3. Community analytics: Gather and analyze participation and performance data. Understand the health and metrics of every member. Plan for where we need to focus our attention and effort to maximize member health and happiness.
  4. Renewal management: Manage renewal and retention for the community. Track the renewal rate and related metrics to identify members in danger of non-renewal, then create and implement retention plans for at-risk members.
  5. Community culture: Build pride in membership by connecting members with one another and the group. Create activities that help members feel special and help them show their pride in membership.

What we’re looking for:

  1. Service attitude and outstanding customer service skills: Focused on customer experience, anticipating needs, and recognizing above-and-beyond opportunities to amaze.
  2. Process-driven work style: Sophisticated about how work gets done, and thrives in a highly process-driven workflow with structure, documentation, and data. Understands the importance of systems to enable us to deliver deep quality at scale. Takes ownership of the work and is always looking for improvements in process and execution.
  3. Advanced database skills: Appreciates a database/CRM and community platform — and uses them well. Exceptional skills around data management and accuracy, reporting, pipelines, and other sophisticated uses that enable us to deliver extraordinary relationships and service at scale.
  4. Attention to detail: High standards, verging on perfectionism. Highly aware of the little things and understands that care for the details is our competitive edge. Is in control, with a high level of consistency, reliability, and accuracy.
  5. Analytical skills: Can interpret data, draw meaningful conclusions, and decide what needs to happen next. Values data and invests the time to gather and analyze it.
  6. Relationship-building skills: Sociable, caring, engaging, and approachable person who can build meaningful relationships and friendships with members on behalf of the organization.
  7. Rock-solid time and task management skills: Can stay on plan in a fluid environment, balancing incoming tasks with recurring responsibilities and long-term goals.
  8. Fantastic communications skills: High-level verbal and written communication skills in all forms: in person, on the phone, in correspondence, online, and social media. Comfortable and articulate with senior-level executives — mature, appropriate, and confident.
  9. Experience with executives: Understands executives at big companies, what they need, and how to engage them.
  10. Proven track record of learning and personal development: Evidence of ongoing self-directed study, mastery of new topics, and professional/personal development.

Some important details

How to get this job: Submit an application here. We want to see a great cover letter, resume, and anything else that shows us how you write, think, and work. Show us what you’ve done and how you can do it for us. If you’re not sure this is the right position for you, please do apply anyway. We’ll help you figure out where you fit on the team.

Location: This is a full-time, in-the-office position at our Austin ranch (check it out here). No relocation assistance is provided, and we don’t hire telecommuters.

Compensation: We offer good pay, plus great benefits, perks, and bonuses. We’re never going to have an IPO or sell out to a bigger company — we’re in this for the long term. Financials are transparent, and we all succeed together.

This position is currently filled, but we’re always accepting applications here