***This position is not currently open. But we’re always looking for smart people to join our team. If this job description sounds like you, send us your application anyway.***

If you want to lead events that make people’s day and change their careers, join our team.

We produce events that blow people’s minds. We’re not happy until they say, “This is the best event I’ve attended all year.”

The events are weird — mostly peer-to-peer discussions with very senior executives. They aren’t fancy. There’s no amazing stage set or celebrity keynote. But we have an obscene obsession with the details that make people happy.

  • We focus on what matters: astonishing content, delicious food, positive energy, and vibe.
  • We worry about everything that makes a day perfect: blood sugar, the angle of the chairs, every font — everything actually. Every session starts and stops on time to the second.
  • We care about customer service: If it takes 20 staff for a 200-person event, we’ll do it. Does someone need a sweater or a cough drop? We even track who is nodding, smiling, and sharing (or not).

We produce eight main conferences each year with more on the way. Each event is similar — but our dedication to constant improvement means that we’re tweaking hundreds of variables to make each one better than the last one. It’s all about the little stuff.

The event department is small because our meeting planners work with specialized departments across the company, along with the occasional outside vendor. You get to focus 100 percent on event details and event quality. The rest of the company rallies around you with great design, marketing, support, and everything else you ask for. If you’re an outsourcer, you’re not going to like this job. We do it ourselves and it’s your job to lead the team.

What our Meeting Planners do:

The Meeting Planner is a team captain whose mission is to produce exceptional events by obsessing over details and using strong systems to take care of our people.

  • Lead the team by bringing together staff from across the company to execute as one team.
  • Run strong systems that enable each task to happen when and how it should, without being dependent on individuals or memory.
  • Own every detail to create the perfect experience.
  • Take care of people by anticipating and fulfilling needs, especially unspoken ones.

You are a team captain with the leadership and communications skills to bring together people from across the company to execute on your plan. You give them the clarity they need to deliver what you need. You’re out front at the event, directing each player, and upholding standards.

You build and use strong systems to manage everything. You know exactly what matters and what has to happen to deliver an extraordinary event. Your systems make sure that we’re running a tight machine, not dependent on memory or habit (because a great event is more that one person’s skill or effort).

You own every detail, however small, because an amazing event is the sum of all the little things. You have high standards, verging on perfectionism, because care for the details is our competitive edge.

You take care of our people (members and staff), thinking about what they need to be totally happy, effective, and in the moment. Great events are about a commitment to serve those who gave us their time and support.

What we’re looking for:

  1. Event experience: You’ve done this many times before with at least five years experience in all aspects of event management, including full P&L responsibility. CMP and/or PMP strongly preferred.
  2. Proven, bulletproof systems that you can show us. We’ll want to see examples of your event management systems in our interviews.
  3. Extraordinary project management and planning skills.
  4. Rock-solid time and task management skills.
  5. Flexibility, adaptability, and calm under pressure.
  6. Ownership: You’re self-starting, self-managed and can operate with limited support and supervision.
  7. Ability to meet physical demands of job, including moving heavy boxes, extended travel, and long days with little sleep.
  8. High levels of energy, drive, enthusiasm, commitment, and good humor.
  9. Nice to work with.

Some important details

How to get this job: Submit an application here. We want to see a great cover letter, resume, and anything else that shows us how you write, think, and work. Show us what you’ve done and how you can do it for us, including examples of event management systems. If you’re not sure this is the right position for you, please do apply anyway. We’ll help you figure out where you fit on the team.

Location: This is a full-time, in-the-office position at our Austin ranch (check it out here). No relocation assistance is provided, and we don’t hire telecommuters.

Compensation: We offer good pay, plus great benefits, perks, and bonuses. We’re never going to have an IPO or sell out to a bigger company — we’re in this for the long term. Financials are transparent, and we all succeed together.

This position is currently filled, but we’re always accepting applications here