***This position is not currently open. But we’re always looking for smart people to join our team. If this job description sounds like you, send us your application anyway.***

Community Builders at SocialMedia.org are researchers looking for new members and staff to join our family. You’ll track down kindred spirits, help them understand what we do, and get them involved. You enjoy the research, the hunt, and the fun of finding folks like us.

You’re a focused researcher who can dig deep on the web, track down people, and uncover hard-to-find information. You’re systematic and process-driven in your hunt. Even better, you have training and experience with research and sourcing techniques. You get what you find into our database, accurately, so we can act on the information.

You’ll stay on top of industry news and work the web to discover who is running social media at big companies, what their concerns are, and how we could help them. You’ll figure out what they’re up to and help us connect with them in a meaningful way. You can figure out who’s who in a big organization and how they relate to each other.

You don’t need to be an expert on social media when you walk in the door, but within a few weeks you’ll need to be good at having informed and credible conversations with senior executives at big companies about current events in social media. If you’re not experienced with the social media business, show us how you’d learn it.

You’re not a salesperson, but you shouldn’t be shy either. When you find new potential members, you’re going to be the one who makes first contact (by phone, email, or social media) and starts the relationship. You are good at professional correspondence and have a professional-looking social media presence.

The same skills will help you find new members of our staff. We have an extraordinary culture and an amazing work life — but not everyone is a fit, and not everyone understands what we do. You’ll find people who might love it here, so we can start a conversation about joining the team.

Your responsibilities:

  1. Monitor and track everything that is happening in social media at big brands
  2. Identify future members and reasons we should reach out to them
  3. Contact them by email, phone, or social media and start a relationship
  4. Credibly talk the talk of social media as it is used in big companies
  5. Consistently update and maintain detailed records in our database
  6. Seek out potential teammates and get a conversation going about working here


  1. A systematic, focused researcher who is a perfectionist about detailed record-keeping
  2. Experienced researcher who knows how to used advanced online research techniques
  3. Strong data skills, including getting unstructured information into a usable form in a database
  4. Great networking and people skills, able to make connections and ask for referrals
  5. Fantastic writing and communications skills
  6. Comfortable talking with senior executives at big companies and can relate to their work and needs.
  7. Use social media for business and have a professional social media presence
  8. Extra credit: Experience with talent sourcing, donor development, lead generation, member recruiting, or community building
  9. Mission-driven: You want to see the team win because you believe in what we’re doing
  10. High levels of energy, drive, enthusiasm, initiative, flexibility, good humor, and commitment

Some important details

How to get this job: Submit an application here. We want to see a great cover letter, resume, and anything else that shows us how you write, think, and work. Show us what you’ve done and how you can do it for us. If you’re not sure this is the right position for you, please do apply anyway. We’ll help you figure out where you fit on the team.

Location: This is a full-time, in-the-office position at our Austin ranch (check it out here). No relocation assistance is provided, and we don’t hire telecommuters.

Compensation: We offer good pay, plus great benefits, perks, and bonuses. We’re never going to have an IPO or sell out to a bigger company — we’re in this for the long term. Financials are transparent, and we all succeed together.

This position is currently filled, but we’re always accepting applications here