(At GasPedal, “Development” means recruiting new members, not coding.)

Our sales program is like nothing you’ve ever seen.

We don’t do commissions, “sales culture” politics, or high-pressure sales tactics. We believe a long-term relationship is more important than the short-term sale. It creates a better work environment, sure. But it also creates a better community — and we have the best client/member list of any small business in America to prove it.

You’re not just selling memberships, you’re building a community.

We encourage our Development Team not to sell memberships as often as we encourage them to sell. They protect our community by only bringing in the right members — if someone’s not a fit, we don’t let them join, and we don’t take their money. As a company, we rally around that idea of quality over quantity and support the Development Team when they have to turn down a sale.

What that means for you:

  • You’ll learn how to close high-impact deals with major corporations like these.
  • You’ll learn to do it in a healthy, positive way — with no aggressive tactics, marketing cheese, or sales douchery.

We’re looking for people who like selling (but aren’t salesy).

We have two different roles on our Development Team. Our Community Builders are focused on the research and networking, while Community Evangelists are focused on building relationships, storytelling, listening, and closing. Here’s the breakdown:

The jobs Community Builder Community Evangelist
What it means
  • Find industry leaders at major corporations who could use our community’s help and let them know we’re here
  • Build our community, help big brands understand how great it is here, and help them work through their process to join us
You’ll like this if you like…
  • Researching
  • Following the news
  • Figuring out who’s who
  • Meeting people
  • Talking to people
  • Relationship-building
  • Recruiting for a cause
Specific skills
  • Researching people and networking with them
  • Some sales or sales-like experience, know how big companies work and how executives think, professional presence and communications skills

Who’s on the team:

Recruits new members. Relationship-builder, storyteller, and careful screener whose mission is to bring the right people into our community.

Detective and door-opener whose mission is to find the right people to join our community and our team and start conversations with them.

  • Membership Operations Director

Lead member development and Community analytics.

Apply to join the Development Team