Without privacy, collaboration, and recreation, it’s just an office.

May 6, 2016 by Andy Sernovitz

Last week, we were excited to have Jan Buchholz of Austin Business Journal stop by the GasPedal ranch to check out what we’re building and what we’re all about. Check out her article and slideshow featuring our ranch.

It got us thinking about what really makes our office special. And we realized it’s about more than picking a spot and building something a little unconventional. Here’s how we see it:

A work home needs three things: Privacy, collaboration, and recreation. Without all three, it’s just an office.

A great workplace is about balancing privacy with community. You need a private space to do your best work and a community space to collaborate with your team. Here, everyone gets a private office, but all interactions flow through communal spaces.

Community is big for us.

We’re in the community business, building peer-to-peer communities for change agents at large brands. But this office is about giving back to the Austin community as well.

When GasPedal moved to Austin in 2010, GSD&M offered us free office space. We’re not the only ones they’ve helped. The way GSD&M used their campus to support the community has been an inspiration for us to create a similar way to give back.

We have 6,000 sf of conference and event space that we’ll donate to local business and nonprofit groups when they need it. There’s also room to host outdoor activities for several thousand people.

It’s all about making a place our employees want to spend their day.

Our 44-acre campus has a gym, a basketball and pickleball court, a soccer field, and running/hiking trails. There’s also a guest house that serves as a B&B for families of staff — a major perk. Plus, we intend to leave it green. There’s more than an acre of wildlife preserve for every employee at GasPedal.

At a time when Austin is getting paved over, we’re preserving this one green place in the city.

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