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Moving from oral history to documented history

For much of our existence, we’ve been a company of oral history. And I’m guessing that’s how most organizations get started. We talk things out. We brainstorm. We collaborate. We share ideas. We put stuff on the wall, make decisions, and go execute. And then we do it again and again. For years we didn’t … Read on

We’re obsessed with these books lately

We’ve talked before about how we’re big readers. It seems like every week, someone is coming in to a team meeting with a new book they’re personally consumed by — and sometimes that excitement spreads to everyone. These are a few recent ones that we’ve been passing around and integrating into how we work: Turn the Ship … Read on

We’re one of the 50 fastest growing companies in Austin

We received some pretty exciting news recently: The Austin Business Journal has recognized us as one of their Fast 50 companies — an annual list of the fastest growing companies in the Austin area. We also won back in 2011, so this is actually the second time for us to make the list. Pretty cool … Read on

Why we bring the whole company together once a year

Once a year, we bring everyone together for our staff retreat (though we’re not fans of “retreat” — we sometimes call it “GasPedal University”). Teams from both offices — Chicago and Austin — meet to sync up around the big ideas of who we are, what we do, and what our goals are for the next 6-12 … Read on

How we embraced collaboration as part of the way we work

We collaborate. A lot. We try to explain this to folks during interviews and when they come on board — but I think they’re always still surprised at just how much we do it. We do it for design, for copy, for job ads, for events, for systems, and even for blog posts like this. There’s non-stop brainstorming, … Read on

How Francie said goodbye

A few weeks ago, one of our teammates, Francie, moved on to a new opportunity she couldn’t pass up. We care a lot about the folks we work with, so it’s never easy to say goodbye. But on her way out, she left us with a final, awesome email. I thought it was a great … Read on

Our newest benefit: A sabbatical after seven years with the company

We’ve cooked up something new to reward long-time employees at GasPedal. After seven years, employees are eligible for an eight-week sabbatical. No email. No meetings. No work. For two months. Just time to actually reinvest in yourself. To re-charge, for real. The idea came out of another perk — at each employee anniversary, we give … Read on

Why we love staying behind the scenes

Ironically, at SocialMedia.org, we don’t hire “social media people.” We don’t care how many followers our employees have on Twitter, and we’re certainly not looking for “social media gurus.” And while there’s nothing wrong with trying to gain more influence or expand your network, if that’s what you’re looking for, you probably won’t like working … Read on

Our T-shirt press

We have a T-shirt press. It looks like this: And it’s open to anyone in the company to use for whatever project they like — professional or personal. In fact, we even have a T-shirt press wiki with specific instructions for how to use it and troubleshoot problems you might run into. That’s so we … Read on

How to make great coffee, GasPedal style

In order to make a great cup of coffee, you’ve got to start with the right tools. This post will first cover the “why” behind our team’s decision to switch to a burr grinder, and then will explain how to make a proper cup of coffee using a French press pot. Two years ago, when I … Read on