We believe “impact” is proof that something you did actually matters.

May 16, 2016 by Bridgette Cude

“What are you even doing, and why are you doing it, and does anyone else care?”

I like this quote from Adam J. Kurtz’s book, One Page at a Time. He’s getting at an idea that’s pretty important to us at GasPedal: Impact.

For lots of people, it’s not easy to point to the impact their job has on the world. For some, they may have a faraway goal or a long shot in mind — maybe if they can raise enough money, earn enough awareness, convince enough people, etc. But for us, we see how we impact our members and their careers every day.

We’re not fighting big, vague battles.

Our members can walk out of one of our meetings or get off of a conference call and take back what they’ve learned to headquarters to make real change.

The discussions they have in our community changes how they run their programs, which has an affect on their business, which has an impact on their millions of customers and employees.

And we know this because our members tell us. Here’s what some of them have had to say about it:

“We learn things we’re able to implement the next day.”

“SocialMedia.org has become a key asset for performing my job well.”

“SocialMedia.org is my therapy.”

“SocialMedia.org is one of my favorite partners and plays a critical role in helping those of us working in social at big brands stay successful and sane.”

“Input from SocialMedia.org members has meant the difference between progress and stalemate in our organization more times than I can count.”

“I’m better at my job because of relationships I’ve built within SocialMedia.org.”

As a staff, these are our proudest moments.

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