We’re having a Community Picnic October 15, here’s why

October 4, 2016 by Bridgette Cude

In August, we had our first GasPedal Community Picnic at our new office location.

GasPedal picnic

We invited a bunch of people we love to come hang out at our new place, grill some food, and hang out. It rained, but we still had a great time.

And we’re doing it again October 15! (This time without the rain, hopefully.) Check out the details here: http://gaspedal.com/picnic/

Like everything else we do, our picnics have a story behind them.

A couple of years ago, Andy went to GSD&M’s 40th anniversary party. There he met people who worked at the agency decades ago, local charities, nonprofits, and successful entrepreneurs — and all of them shared stories like, “When I needed a poster…” or, “When I needed a place to meet…” or, “When I just needed a hand…” — and they all ended with, “GSD&M was there to help.” And then Lyle Lovett, as he was playing the show for free, said to the crowd, “When I was a nobody, these guys were there for me.”

As a community company, this is inspiring stuff.

By being there for these folks — and, mostly, just having space for interesting people to come together — GSD&M nurtured a whole community of people doing good things.

That left a lasting impact, and it’s one of the reasons why we bought this property (in addition to being a permanent home for the company). We’re not just building a product that helps the good guys win, together we’re building a whole business around it.

The mission of GasPedal is one of the many reasons we took this job.

And it means a lot that we can extend it to the local Austin community as well as our member communities. This is part of defining the foundation of something really great and enduring. It took GSD&M 40 years, and we’re just beginning.

We’re going to start with our team, our family and friends, and our GasPedal alumni. Then, we’ll bring in our business friends, potential team members, and then the greater Austin community. We’ll create opportunities for people to get know us on a personal basis.

We’re going to bring people we care about together and start laying the groundwork to help support them in doing interesting things (or just be our buddies, because that’s cool too).

Most important: These are fun parties for us. And they will be a blast.

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