Breaking ground on GasPedal’s new campus

January 12, 2016 by Bridgette Cude

Yesterday, we broke ground on our new office space on 44 acres at 10300 Springdale Road in Austin. You know, that thing in the movies big companies do where you all wear hard hats, and take pictures, and use a special shovel to… break ground? We did our best impression of that. And it was awesome.

Ground Breaking

It’s a huge step for a company that’s grown so much over the past few years and an important milestone for our plans to build a permanent home in Austin that can be enjoyed by the community.

Click to see our teammate, Ben's, panorama of the space.
Click to see our teammate, Ben’s, panorama of the space.

We took a tour of the building with the head of our construction company, Structura’s Superintendent Jerome Mitchell, to see how crews are retrofitting a former produce warehouse into our dream offices. And the people who helped us make it all happen, architects Lisa Tsai and Stephen Oliver of OPA Design, and Horizon Bank Senior VP Guy Perry joined us for all of the excitement.

Ground Breaking

Right now, the only things to look at are the trenches we’ve dug for plumbing and the framework for a couple of individual offices. But even in a big, empty warehouse, you can still imagine the great things that are coming.


For one thing, this new space will be five times bigger than our previous Austin office space. It’s also surrounded by greenspace we’ll be able to appreciate from the huge windows and clear garage doors we’re installing. (Check out more details on our plans for the office here.)




In the coming weeks, there will be a lot of changes out at GasPedal’s new place. We can’t wait to see them, and we’ll keep you updated on our progress here.


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