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We’re having a Community Picnic October 15, here’s why

In August, we had our first GasPedal Community Picnic at our new office location. We invited a bunch of people we love to come hang out at our new place, grill some food, and hang out. It rained, but we still had a great time. And we’re doing it again October 15! (This time without … Read on

GasPedal named one of Austin’s 10 Coolest Companies

The cool people over at Austin Inno think we’re cool too. Although, we’re the first to say we’re so not cool. We’re not your typical kegerator-drinking, foosball-playing, “cool” office. But we know we’re cool in our own way — and now we have an award to prove it! This week, Austin Inno awarded ten companies … Read on

We’re in! Check out the new office.

It’s official! We’ve said goodbye to our last Austin office rental ever and have moved into the GasPedal Ranch. After a decade of building our business and growing — and moving from office to office — it’s amazing to have a place to call home. This is our new front desk and welcome experience: This … Read on

Our essential books

We’re a whole company of book lovers, and we’re always sharing and recommending them to each other. But anytime someone new comes on, or someone is thinking about joining us and wants to get a better idea of how we think before they apply, we send them this list: Small Giants, by Bo Burlingham Buzzing Communities, … Read on

Without privacy, collaboration, and recreation, it’s just an office.

Last week, we were excited to have Jan Buchholz of Austin Business Journal stop by the GasPedal ranch to check out what we’re building and what we’re all about. Check out her article and slideshow featuring our ranch. It got us thinking about what really makes our office special. And we realized it’s about more … Read on

We just rolled out a big update to our website

Hey there! It’s been a couple weeks. We’ve been a little quiet on the blog while we worked on upgrading our website. The design hasn’t changed much, but we spent a lot of time rethinking about how we tell our story. We took the opportunity to clarify our mission, share more details about our culture, … Read on

What we’re reading: Scrum, by Jeff Sutherland

Every so often a book comes along and we all look at each other and say, “Yeah, that’s what I was trying to say.” Jeff Sutherland’s Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time is the latest. His premise is straightforward: The way most of the world solves problems is broken. The default … Read on

Breaking ground on GasPedal’s new campus

Yesterday, we broke ground on our new office space on 44 acres at 10300 Springdale Road in Austin. You know, that thing in the movies big companies do where you all wear hard hats, and take pictures, and use a special shovel to… break ground? We did our best impression of that. And it was … Read on

We’re getting closer to our new home

Last year, we told you about our plans to move our office to a 44-acre ranch in northeast Austin. It’s going to be a campus where we can get together and collaborate, retreat to private, quiet spaces, host community gatherings, and stretch our legs outdoors. (You can read more about that here.) Since then, we’ve … Read on